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Hours before he was set to be deported Wednesday morning, the United Nations has asked the Canadian government not to expel a Saudi Arabian ...

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United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres said on Monday that climate change is “moving faster than we are” and world leaders need to step ...

UNITED NATIONS – North Korea has resorted to a "massive increase" of illegal ship-to-ship transfers of oil products at sea to evade UN sanctions and ...

Another 41 per cent ($150 million) was allocated to UN agencies and 1 per cent of funding was allocated to Red Cross/Red Crescent organizations.

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GENEVA/NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India on Thursday rejected a United Nations report that accused it of having used excessive force in disputed ...
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - The U.N. General Assembly condemned Israel on Wednesday for excessive use of force against Palestinian civilians ...

Appointment of UN Secretary-General

António Guterres is to become the next UN Secretary-General, signalling a major victory  for the more open, inclusive and merit-based process which UNA-UK and our supporters have worked hard to achieve.

A resolution to recommend Mr Guterres, who served as Prime Minister of Portugal and as head of the UN Refugee Agency, was agreed on by the Security Council on Thursday 6 October.

Read UNA-UK's statement
The nomination of Mr Guterres shows that UN Security Council could not ignore the widespread call for merit to prevail over regional considerations and the political interests of Council members. 

The Council has agreed on a well-qualified candidate who not only engaged in dialogue with the General Assembly and civil society, but who also participated in the largest public debate with Secretary-General candidates, organised by UNA-UK and our partners in June.

Top priorities for the next UN chief

Having campaigned for a transparent, merit-based leadership contest, UNA-UK marked this UN Day by urging the next UN Secretary-General to strengthen the Organisation, which is increasingly required to do more with fewer resources. In evidence to the House of Lords inquiry UNA-UK set out a list of key priorities for the next Secretary-General, mindful that he, like his predecessors, will need to manouevre within rigid political constraints.

Our priorities include setting an ambitious but realistic vision that sees the UN focus on areas where it can make a unique contribution - notably resuming a central role in peace and security - while pushing for an international accountability mechanism to address sexual abuse by peacekeepers. Delivering on these priorities requires increasing the UN's engagement with the people who need it most. This is why we're calling on the next UN leader to strengthen civil society participation at the UN to ensure that the Organisation better represents the interests of world's seven billion people, not just the major powers.

We're optimistic that he will listen.

Responding directly to a question from UNA-UK's 1 for 7 Billion campaign Mr Gutteres assured the General Assembly that "dialogue and cooperation with civil society will... be a central aspect of the activities of the UN" under his watch.
UNA-UK is in the process of compiling a 'People's Agenda' for the next UN leader, which will set out the views of our 1 for 7 Billion campaign's 750 NGO partners and 200 million supporters, focusing on meaningful civil society engagement with the UN.


UNA-UK will publish a full policy document with detailed recommendations. More... 

UNA-UK Trustee Elections

Viv Williams and Carl Wrightreceived the most first-preference votes in a poll conducted by post and online. In accordance with the voting instructions, they will be appointed Trustees by the United Nations Association - UK Board at its next meeting. 

Climate 2020

Universal Periodic Review

The UN Human Rights Council is scrutinising the UK's human rights record during the upcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR). UNA-UK has been submitting evidence to the Human Rights Council during this process, using responses from local UNAs to say how the UK is performing on key human rights issues. For more details visit British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) 

Evidence submitted by UNA-UK to UPR shadow report

5 UN Achievements

To celebrate on its 70th anniversary More...

United Nations Security Council Fast Facts


(CNN) -- Here's a look at the United Nations Security Council, a 15 member body within the United Nations. Overview: The Security Council has 15 members.

UNA-UK Chairman calls on US and EU to re-calibrate position on Israel-Palestine

new world 2011In an open letter published on 10 June, 24 former heads of goverment, ministers and peace negotiators, including UNA-UK Chairman Sir Jeremy Greenstock, called on the European Union and United States to re-calibrate their policies on Israel-Palestine, including by making recognition of Israel a goal rather than a pre-condition of engagement.
UK Foreign Secretary William Hague responded on 20 June, expressing hope that the announcement of reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas will advance the peace process, and saying that negotiations should be guided by clear parameters, such as those set out by US President Obama, which included an agreement on borders based on 1967 lines.

Ban Ki-moon appointed for a second term

new world 2011The UN General Assembly has appointed Ban Ki-moon to a second term as Secretary-General, to run from 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2016. Mr Ban's re-appointment had previously been recommended by members of the UN Security Council.
After taking his oath of office, Mr Ban pledged to be a 'harmoniser and bridge-builder', saying 'we live in an era of integration and inter-connection, a new era when no country can solve all challenges on its own and where every country should be part of the solution. That is the reality of the modern world. We can struggle with it, or we can lead'.

Take action for refugees present, some 44 million children, women and men have been forcibly displaced from their homes. Many of them are fleeing conflict and instability in countries such as Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Sudan. But increasingly, people are also forced to leave as a result of climate change, environmental degradation and extreme poverty.
To mark World Refugee Day, the UN Refugee Agency is celebrating the contributions that refugees make to society with its '100% British, created by refugees' campaign.

2011 Policy Conference in Cardiff's 2011 policy-making conference took place on 18 June at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff. Some 130 members from around the country participated, debating pressing issues on the UN's agenda and discussing what action UNA-UK could take to further the UN's goals in the UK.
Members also heard from UNA-UK Chairman Sir Jeremy Greenstock and Executive Director Phil Mulligan, who presented a draft of UNA-UK's new four-year strategic plan. The outcomes of the policy debates will be posted on the UNA-UK website shortly.