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Margaret Knox

It was with great sadness that we received the news of the death, on Easter Sunday, of Margaret Knox whom we remember as a valued and ardent member of the UNA during her time in Norfolk and Suffolk.

Margaret lived with her husband in northern Nigeria, where she set up the first primary school in the area. After 18 years, including two in Tanzania, they left Nigeria in 1967 during the civil war. They moved to Suva, Fiji, where Margaret worked for the Fiji Board of Education and wrote the first English-language textbooks aimed at an island audience, as well as other publications.

Margaret retired to Norfolk, living in Eaton Road, Norwich between 1979 and 1991, before moving to Beccles. During this time she was a committed supporter of the work of UNA, serving for a period on the Branch Executive Committee, before moving to North Yorkshire after her husband’s death.

Lady Ralphs 1915-2014

It was with great sadness that we learned in January of the death of Lady Enid Ralphs at the age of 99. Lady Ralphs was the longest serving member of the UNA in Norwich. With her husband, Lincoln Ralphs, she helped to establish the Norwich & District Branch of UNA in 1948, was a past President, and in recent years a serving Vice President of both the Branch and Region. For more than 60 years she supported and contributed to the work of UNA, and was instrumental in maintaining the activity of the Branch in some very difficult and challenging times. We shall miss her devoted support, her wise counsel, her unfailing enthusiasm for our work and her warm friendship. We send our heartfelt condolences to her family. More

Sustainable Development Goals: Delivering Change

This publication sets out what steps have been taken to further the UN's new global development agenda, which will run until 2030.
This report is the fifth in a series of UNA-UK publications on the post-2015 development agenda. This report looks at how the Goals have been implemented over the first part of the 15-year agenda. It equips policy-makers, practitioners and interested observers with insights on how to fully implement the Goals, particularly for the world’s most vulnerable people.

Past Lunchbox Speakers


  • September: AGM  Simon Wright MP         
  • October: Professor Declan ConwayFood Production in an era of Climate Change’        
  • November: Dr Lee Marsden: ‘Conservative Evangelicals and the US Military’
  • December: Dr Shawn McGuire ‘Nature Conservation in Rwanda’


  • January: Dr. David Milne ‘Realism and Idealism in US Foreign Policy’
  • February: Sally Clarke ‘Visit to Dandong, and Asylum Issues’
  • March: Dr Keith Tovey ‘Carbon Management and Energy Saving
  • April: Claire Richards ‘UNICEF’
  • May: Dr Catherine Locke will talk on ‘The effect on the reproductive & family lives that rural/urban migration has on the poor in Vietnam’
  • June: Dr. Sheila Aikman wil talk on ‘Gold Exploration and the Indigenous Peoples of the Peruvian Amazon’
  • July: Professor Anna Robinson-Pant will talk on ‘Women’s Literacy in Nepal’
  • September: Dr. Nitya Rao: 'Gender, Land and Resource Rights in India'.
  • October: Dr. Mark Zeitoun: Water Conflicts in the Middle East.
  • November: David Ford: Amnesty International
  • December: Ann Aves: The John Aves Foundation


  • January: Dr. Lee Marsden: Neo-colonialism and USA/UK Foreign Policy
  • February: Professor Ruth Pearson: Burmese Migrant Workers in Thailan
  • March: Caroline Hurford: Feeding the World in the 21st century
  • 21st September, 2012 • 2012 AGM, Lucy Atkinson spoke on, “Red Cross Refugee Project”.
  • 20th October, 2012, Lord Phillips spoke on “Can the Un Survive if the public is indifferent to it?”  
  • 16th November • Julian Bryant of Christian Aid spoke on “Corporate tax dodging.
  • 21st December • Mr & Mrs Evans-Jones spoke about “Tools for Life” and showed a film about their work.


  • 18th January 2013 • Talk cancelled due to heavy falls of snow.
  • 16th February, 2013 • Professor Cynthia Cochburn spoke about “Towards a Different Common Sense:
    From Battlefield to Household – reducing violence and transforming gender relations”.
  • 15th March 2013 • Roland Schilling spoke about the work of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • 19th April • Dr Anna Smajdour spoke on "Too wrinkly to reproduce: the Ethics of Older Motherhood". 
  • 18th May • Professor Corinne Le Quéré spoke about “Patterns for a Sustainable Planet”.
  • 21st June. • Frances Middleton gave an illustrated talk "Dragons and Dreams - Vietnam with Traid Craft".
  • 19th July • Dr. Julian Wright spoke on WaterAid.
  • 13th September • Ian Sinclair The March That Shook Blair.
  • 13th October Eric Rimmer Our Population Predicament has Five Fathers.
  • 13th November Frances Middleton Aboriginal Australia.


  • 17th January: Rebecca Tillett and Nick Selby on "50 Years of Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring.' "
  • 21st February:  Pat Gowan "Our Dispappearing East Anglian Shoreline."
  • 15th March: Dr. Ian Fairlie "Does Nuclear Energy Provide an Answer to Global Warming"
  • 25th April:  Professor Lee Marsden "American Foreign Policy Today."
  • 16th May:  Sabrina Jean and Richard Gifford "The Struggle of the Chagos Islanders."
  • 21st June:  Dr.Rebecca Johnson spoke on “Can We Scrap Trident and Ban Nuclear Weapons With a Global Treaty.”
  • 18th July:  Tony and Juliette Colman "Why is Botswana So Successful."
  • 19th September: Rob Miller "Cuba - 50 Years of Revolution and 50 Years of UN Blockade."
  • 17th October: Dr. Johan Franzen "Iraq - A Historical Perspective."
  • 22nd November: Professor Lee Marsden "Global Politics - God, Sex and Violience."
  • 19th December Dr. Samur Dervisevic on: "The Ebola Virus."


  • 16th January David Norton on: "Cley Marshes - A Wild Vision."
  • 20th February Tom Dannett "Street Child Charity and its Work in Sierra Leone."
  • 20th March Tom Hockley "Post Conflict Work in Gaza and Ukraine."
  • 17th April:  Lynne Symonds  spoke on
    “Wulugu – 21 years of bringing better lives to the most neglected in northern Ghana”.
  • 15th May:  Patricia Watkins spoke on “Freedom from Torture”.
  • 19th June:  Dr.Heike Schroeder spoke on “Climate Change : negotiations – past , present and future”.
  • 17th July Dr. Shawn McGuire "Seed Security."
  • 18th September Professor Jozef Baranyi "The Complexity of the International Trade Network."
  • 24th October WILPF "Those Dangerous Women."
  • 20th November David Jessup "The Red Cross and it's Work With Refugees."


  • 15th January:  Norfolk Congolese  Association (John Kasensa)
  • 19th February:  The Roots and Future of Conflict over the Jordan River
    (1915-2015) (Dr Mark Zeitoun)
  • 18th March:  The Burma Campaign UK (Wai Hnin)
  • 15th April:  International Maritime Organisation (Lee Adamson)
  • 20th May:  Born to be Free (Child Slavery) (Mark Little)
  • 17th June:  Human Rights (Dr Wendy McMahon)
  • 15th July:  Nepal in Need (Dev Ghimire and Gyaljen Sherpa)
  • 16th September: Professor Catherine Rowett "Why Some Quesrtions Have No Answers (Christian Ethics and International Affairs)."
  • 15th October: Michael Bowker "Russia Today."
  • 18th November: Shelia Triggs "Conscientious Objection."


  • 20th January:  New Routes Integration in Norwich (Dee Robinson)
  • 17th February:  Educating the Disabled in Ghana (Anna Cottrell)
  • 17th March:  A Story from Aleppo to Norwich (Enana AlAssaf)
  • 21st April:  Work in Iraq and the Middle East (Alison Atkins)
  • 20th May: Ending the Legacy of Divide and Rule (Karl Lam)
  • 16th June: Where Now for Turkey? (Malcolm Wagstaff)
  • 21st July:  Gambian Aid Through Education (Janet Clark) 
  • 15th September: The Arctic: Last Frontier or a Homeland? (Dr Anthony Speca)
  • 7th October: Born to be Free (Mark Little)
  • 17th November: Reforming the UN for the 21st Century (Vijay Mehta)