Friday 217th June 2016 The Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, Norwich

Dr Wendy McMahon

will talk about
 ‘Human Rights’

Coffee is available from 12.30. Admission is free.
A donation is invited to cover expenses.

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5 UN Achievements

To celebrate on its 70th anniversary More...

UNA-UK Successes

During the UN's 70th year, as a result of ongoing UNA-UK campaigns on peacekeeping, atrocity prevention and on improving the UN Secretary-General appointment process, the UK has recently:

Underlying these successes is the Government's recognition of the vital contribution the UN makes to Britain's safety and prosperity in the UK's foremost security strategy - something UNA-UK has lobbied long and hard for.

The next challenge is to ensure the Government matches its rhetoric with action: on human rights, humanitarian action, arms control, climate change and sustainable development.

UNA-UK’s Patron has made a Christmas/New Year Appeal Sir Patrick Stewart explained why he is so keen to see our charity rise to this challenge in 2016

Do you want a say in Britain’s approach to defence and security?

The UK Government is undertaking a major process that will establish Britain’s defence strategy over the coming years. This is an important and rare opportunity for us to emphasise the significance of an effective UN to UK national security and prosperity.

The Government has invited members of the public to submit their own views on how the UK should respond to global security issues.  We have provided a simple way for you to support our proposals and input your own ideas to the process. 

Click here to take part - it only takes a couple of minutes

The best way the UK can mark the UN's 70th anniversary is by recognising the urgent need to invest in global solutions.  The more we can do to demonstrate public support for this agenda the better our chances of success.

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Malala Education Emergency Petition

Have your say on the post-2015 development agenda

UNA-UK is asking its members and supporters to participate in the UN’s My World survey – a global initiative allowing members of the public to feed their ideas into the process to devise the successor framework to the UNMillennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Take action for Burma

UNA-UK is urging members and supporters to take action to help ptotect Burma’s Tohingya minority. For more details please click here.

Take action for refugees

UNA-UK is calling on its members and supporters to take action for refugees by participating in Refugee Week's Simple Acts campaign. We believe that if all our supporters commit to just one of these simple acts, it will go a long way towards challenging the stereotypes of refugees that persist in the UK.