Friday 16th September 2016 at 1.00pm at
The Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, Norwich

The Branch AGM at 12.30 will be followed by

Professor Catherine Rowett
who will talk about
 ‘Why Some Questions Have No Answers’

(Christian Ethics and International Affairs)

Coffee is available from 12.30. Admission is free.

A donation is invited to cover expenses.

Lunchbox Meetings

Please note that there will be no meetings in August or December. Details of other meetings for the rest of 2016 can be found on the...
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AGM – 16th September

The Branch’s Annual General Meeting will take place at 12.30 on Friday September 16th at the Friends Meeting House, Upper Goat Lane, Norwich, immediately prior to that day’s Lunchbox Meeting at 1pm. The links to the Annual Report and the Annual Accounts are shown below.

UNA annual report 2016

Report on UNA Norwich Receipts and Payments Account for the Year Ended 31 August 2016

UNA Norwich Receipts and Payments Account for the Year Ended 31 August 2016

Climate 2020

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Universal Periodic Review

The UN Human Rights Council is scrutinising the UK's human rights record during the upcoming Universal Periodic Review (UPR). UNA-UK has been submitting evidence to the Human Rights Council during this process, using responses from local UNAs to say how the UK is performing on key human rights issues. For more details visit British Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) 

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Selection of UN Secretary General
UNA-UK and our 1 for 7 Billion campaign have helped improve the process of selecting Ban Ki-moon's successor. The selection of the next UN Secretary-General is more transparent and inclusive than ever before.

But there is still work to be done. As the Security Council continues to discuss the candidates behind closed doors, we must show the big powers that ordinary people care about getting a strong, qualified UN leader who can face the greatest challenges of our times, including climate change, terrorism and forced migration.

How you can get involved

  • Tweet us your opinion on why the #NextSGmatters
  • Fill out this form to tell us why you think it’s important that we get the best UN leader

5 UN Achievements

To celebrate on its 70th anniversary More...

House of Commons Debate on UK International Aid

Ahead of the debate on June 13th, UNA-UK sent a briefing to members of the UN All-Party Parliamentary Group, indicating support across the country for Britain's contribution to international development not only as a moral duty but as an investment in our future. 
 Click here to read the briefing
The debate showed cross-party support for UK aid spending, with many MPs saying that they are "proud" that Britain has emerged as a global leader by meeting the UN-agreed 0.7% benchmark.
Steve Double MP, who led the debate, opened the discussion by stating that the UK is "setting the trend on international development", sharing UNA-UK's position that "continuing the spending is not just the right thing to do; it is also in our national interest". This position was supported by the vast majority of MPs including Desmond Swayne, Minister of State for International Development, who added that the UK's soft power and influence is partly dependent on its ability to stand by its international commitments. 
This statement is reflected in UNA-UK's briefing, which explains that due to cross-border challenges such as climate change and extremism, Britain’s national interests increasingly dovetail with our global responsibilities. Our security and prosperity therefore depend on us working with other states at international institutions like the United Nations.

Rather than focusing on whether the UK should reverse its decision to spend a fixed amount of national income aid, therefore, the debate largely focused on how that money should be spent, and how to improve transparency and effectiveness of aid programmes. UNA-UK also welcomes the Minister's call to improve understanding among the UK public about how much of taxpayers' money is spent on aid and where it goes.

Do Something


Malala Education Emergency Petition

Have your say on the post-2015 development agenda

UNA-UK is asking its members and supporters to participate in the UN’s My World survey – a global initiative allowing members of the public to feed their ideas into the process to devise the successor framework to the UNMillennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Take action for Burma

UNA-UK is urging members and supporters to take action to help ptotect Burma’s Tohingya minority. For more details please click here.

Take action for refugees

UNA-UK is calling on its members and supporters to take action for refugees by participating in Refugee Week's Simple Acts campaign. We believe that if all our supporters commit to just one of these simple acts, it will go a long way towards challenging the stereotypes of refugees that persist in the UK.